Friday, October 26, 2012

Civic Center Tourists

I was at San Francisco's Civic Center almost all day today. For anyone who works there, they already know that a bunch of government buildings all did a coordinated fire drill. It may not sound that impressive, but there were around 4,000 government employees participating. And while it may not be glamorous, having the experience of stuff like this is very important, especially for a city like San Francisco that's constantly waiting for a huge earthquake to strike.

Anyway, there were all these people (mostly tourists, some crazy) milling about. These 5 folks, presumably here on business, drove up, double parked, hopped out, and proceeded to take turns getting their photo taken with City Hall in the background. The guy on the right is on his way to move the subject out of the way - they rotated through all 5 people in less than a minute, which makes them easily the most efficient sight-seeing group in history. Also, I just love how the subject is standing very stiffly, and each photographer has a different "camera stance."

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