Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I love the holidays - school starts to wrap up, I get to spend time with people I don't often see, my girlfriend's birthday comes again, I get to make eggnog, cookies, and all sorts of other things that are fattening and delicious. All this is great, but I'm always torn as to whether I should be taking photos.
I love having the pictures to go back to and reminisce over years later (and increasingly simply throw up on facebook so other people can see what we were doing), but being "the photographer" always makes me feel like I'm not actually experiencing the event or activity.

Of course, if I leave my camera at home, I feel like I've missed some sort of opportunity - you should always have a camera with you! But if I bring it, I lug the damn thing around and rarely take any pictures. So this year, I'm going to buy myself a pocket camera. I obviously need something that has manual controls, and I'm thinking about the Canon G12. Its a bit pricy, but I think the ability to keep it in my coat pocket all the time will be totally worth it. Plus, it works with the Canon Speedlites!

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