Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Film Scans

I originally started shooting film, which seems to be pretty rare these days. I still love using film, but I prefer to do my editing on the computer. I think the photoshop/lightroom is much more powerful, faster, and way more convenient, which is especially important to me. I have stacks of negatives and prints that I've made and then set aside because I have no use for them.
That is, until I discovered a fairly decent Epson photo scanner at school. I'm slowly working my way through scanning my best prints and re-editing them on the computer, and putting them on line. This is going to be pretty slow work - I'm averaging about 10 minutes per scan, and the files come out somewhere between 700MB and 1.5GB. Of course, it'd be lovely if I could buy myself a fancy scanner, but I'd rather spend my money on camera gear. Or, you know, food.

Rose in a garden in Mill Valley, CA. Mamiya 645/Ilford FP4

College of Marin, Kentfield, CA. Diana+/Kodak TX400

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